Food Revolution Day


This year, on may 17th we’ll celebrate the Food Revolution DayJamie Oliver‘s great initiative that invites people of the world to raise awareness about the importance of good food and better food education through three basic actions:

Cook it, share it, live it.

On may 19th 2012 took place the first Food Revolution Day, with the collaboration of Jamie Oliver’s three charity foundations in the UK, USA and Australia. The purpose was to make people start talking about real food and nutrition education, using social networks, which was a complete success. The Twitter account of this initiative  was the third most mentioned in the world last year, and they also have a board on Pinterest with over six thousand followers and all record of what happened that day.


Food revolution Day 2012

What is all about?

Food Revolution Day is a movement that invites any person or organization wishing to participate in the initiative hosting or attending an event to share:

  • Recipes
  • Cooking skills
  • Food or cooking knowledge
  • Resources

This year will take place on Friday, May 17, with lots of events around the world, and to achieve this coverage, Jamie Oliver’s team has been recruiting ambassadors of all countries to be leaders in their cities and help connect people, schools, businesses and organizations locally.

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How to get involved?

Jamie Oliver’s initiative has had a range of more than 14 million people through social networks because it is a campaign by and for all, and also has an excellent communication strategy with digital tools.

There are many ways to participate in the Food Revolution Day. A very interesting one, and it can work for those who want to help spread the message of nutrition education, is through Thunderclap, a platform that helps spread a message that many people want to say at the same time.

Thunderclap FRD

Imagine if 14 million people clap at the same time. The message would be loud, right? Click on image to schedule a publication on your Facebook or Twitter that will be shared on 17 May along with messages from other million people. Support this initiative!

Another way to get involved is uploading an original recipe on their website. Jamie Oliver invites people who like to cook to share a preparation with the whole community of this initiative, to exchange culinary knowledge and inspire more people to cook and enjoy good food. In this section of the site there are over 150 recipes published by people around the world.


YouTube is another channel Food Revolution Day is managing to spread their message and engage more people in the campaign. A fun way to get involved is making a video, whether to invite people from our community to an event we want to do on May 17, or even to show the preparation of a recipe, cooking tips or related topics. FRD site has a section to upload videos.

There are many ways to participate in this campaign, there is even a section on the website where you can download banners ando copy code to put ads on our website and help spread the message. The idea is to choose the one that suits you more and that we all support the cause of the way we most like.