Pinterest’s recipe


This week Pinterest launched three more useful pins for productrecipes and movies.

Pinterest is a social network based on images. Users have different boards, which function as categories, were the can pin any image they find on the web, or browsing through Pinterest itself. It is so simple as to be consulting a recipe website and find a picture of a cake that we really like. If you have an account on Pinterest can take that picture and hang it on one of your boards. It has become very popular among the Internet because it works as a space where we can have all the things we like, without actually being our own, and even better, we can show them to others.

Tableros de Pinterest - Sólo uno tiene imágenes mías, de recetas que yo he preparado. My boards – Only one of them has pictures I’ve take

Browsing through Pinterest you can find all kinds of images, of any category, that others have “pinned” from different websites. In general, the images found in an article of a blog, the website of a journal, or even an online store are accompanying (or are accompanied) content that extends the information. This means that an image of a cake probably accompany the recipe to prepare it. But not on Pinterest, there we’ll just find the image, and only if we were hooked enough we’ll end up watching the content in some other website.

Pin, torta de zanahoria - Maldeadora Blog

This is the picture o my carrot cake. It’s on Pinterest, but people will read the recipe if the image is striking enough

What about the content?

If a surfer finds the image of my carrot cake on Pinterest and likes it, he can do several things:

  1. Give it a “Like”. You all know the expression, but that will not do to let the user know that this is Maldeadora’s cake.
  2. Click on the picture for details. With this action the user can know who originally pinned it and from which website came from. It is clear that the person who first pins an image is not necessarily the author of the content.
  3. Click again on the image of the details, but this time to see the original content of the photo. This action will send the user to the post of the recipe in my blog. Finally!
  4. “Repin”. This is like a reblog, retweet or share. The shares this image with it’s personal network and Maldeadora’s recipe is much more likely to be read by other users.

For many of us, digital natives, is simple, but if my mom reads this will probably say, “but you have to do a lot to read your recipe.” And it’s true.

More useful pins

To make life easier for Maldeadora’s mom, Pinterest has created three types of pins to find the information you’re looking less clicks away. There are pins for:

  • Product, to pin pictures of clothes, for example. We also find information like availability, price, where to buy, etc..
  • Recipes, which include ingredients lists, preparation and cooking time, and more.
  • Movies, with rating, cast and more specifications.

Así se ven los detalles de una receta en Pinterest Recipe pin

These new modalities are not yet enabled for all users, Pinterest has taken as an example some recognized websites pins for each category (product, recipes and movies) to begin to become familiar with the changes in the interface. This is the way Pinterest works on internet with easy and fast access to information.