The truth about cronuts


¿What is a Cronut ™?
Half croissant, half doughnut — the pastry hybrid created by Chef Dominique Ansel that is taking the world by storm. After it’s launch on May 10, 2013, Cronut fans spanned the world from Berlin to Singapore, making it the most viral dessert item to date.

A month ago I started to hear (and read) the word cronut everywhere. As stated by the definition, it has become a viral topic. Every morning, in the middle of SoHo neighborhood in New York, lots of citizens line up really early at Dominique Ansel’s bakery, and wait until 8am to see if it’s their lucky day to enjoy one of the 200 cronuts they prepared.

This video is made ​​by HashtagNYU, an initiative of the students of New York University have created digital community through social networks.

¿What are they made of?

Cronuts are a creation of a great chef, who took about two months and more than ten recipes to find the ideal preparation which is more than a fried croissant. To prepare a cronut he uses a dough similar to the croissant, which is first proofed, then fried in grapeseed oil, flavored with sugar, filled with cream and covered with a glaze.

There is only a taste of cronut per month, and as they have two months on the market, we know two flavors:  rose vanilla, the release taste for May, ando lemon maple, which are selling now.

Cronuts de Dominique Ansel

Is it cool because it’s viral or is it viral because it’s cool?

In less than two months cronuts have become a very popular topic in social networks. Before May 9 this year, the posts from Dominique Ansel’s bakery fan page had on average 40 likes, 2 or 3 shares and a few comments. The day before the launch of the cronuts they posted a photo, saying they were about to reveal something new. This publication received five times more likes, and the page activity soared. Since May, every week they receive about 500 new likes and interaction between users and the brand continues increasing, however, it is important to say that as becoming viral is something that arises from people, the issue has been spreaded by entire web, not just on the networks of the bakery.


Viralización de los cronuts

A quality issue

In several interviews, Dominique Ansel has expressed his opinion about the popularity of cronuts and its impact on his business. A frequently asked question is why there are only 200 cronuts per day, considering the high demand. The chef responded that although they are working to produce more, they’d like people to visit the bakery and knew other products therefore do not want to become a cronuts shop.

Fan page Dominique Ansel

Speaking with some chefs and people who run restaurants and bakeries, I found a large gap between what they prepare everyday, and the projection they have for their business. Many are constantly faced with the dilemma between what people want and what they want to offer, and when I hear them, usually their recipes are loaded not only with ideas that contribute to people’s quality of life and good nutrition, but also with exquisite preparations that I would love to try. That’s why I invite you to take a look at  Dominique Ansel’s bakery menu for a craving on different options.

Oh! and a little secret for people who live in Bogota, you can find delicious cronuts at panadería Buenas Migas, filled with cream, apple and chocolate, if you want to try.